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Big Sky, small grower, natural educator.

Big Sky Flowers is a Micro Flower Farm in Mullingar. Selling locally, working in harmony with nature, and running workshops in Sustainable Living. My workshops can be tailored to groups so are suitable for corporate teams or private parties.

My flowers and arrangements are available from my shop page as well as Nuts & Grains (Friars Mill Road, Mullingar), and the Refill Mill, Mullingar.

My workshops take place in Forest Park, Mullingar, in the rooms of the Mullingar Charity Variety Group and in collaboration with Eibhlin at the Refill Mill. I also offer a variety of Corporate courses – contact me for details.

I’m an active member of the Flower Farmers of Ireland and Pro Silva Ireland, and anywhere I grow is managed to support pollinators and biodiversity.

The longer version:

There are very few things that create the same sense of freedom as a ‘Big Sky’ – a horizon free of concrete and overhead lines is a liberating and exhilarating view. There’s a luxurious wildness to it and a sense of freedom from an oppression that we’re not even aware of until it’s gone. That picture is enhanced by the colour, scent and sound of plants, and accompanied by the sounds of happy pollinators. Sadly, many of us have to spend most of our time under ‘small’ skies – patches of blue glimpsed between rooftops or from the window of the car as we rush to the next appointment.

Big Sky Flowers is inspired by the ‘big sky’ country of the midlands of Ireland. A (more or less) native of Mullingar, I’ve been exercising my ‘Green Thumbs’ since childhood. Now more than ever, though, there are sound environmental reasons why growing flowers makes sense.

Transporting flowers around the world has a huge environmental impact – think of all the carbon emitted by the ships and trucks involved. There are plenty of beautiful flowers that can grow in Ireland but are often overlooked in favour of generic imports. So why not source your flowers from a local grower, who works with the seasons?  I grow in my own garden, which is proudly ‘managed for biodiversity’. This means it’s a pollinator-friendly, chemical-free environment.

When I’m not out in the garden, I run workshops about other aspects of Sustainable Living. From Sourdough Bread to Soap, these are always very popular and sell out very quickly. Check out the full range of Courses – you’re bound to find something that will appeal to you, or someone you know.

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Small green caterpillar on a flower, image copyright Big Sky Flowers

I work in harmony with Nature, so anywhere I grow is ‘Managed for Biodiversity’. No chemical fertilisers or pesticides are ever used. This enables me to bring you natural creations that last for longer than you might expect, but when they finally get tired, they are safe to dispose of in your own compost.

My Classes & Workshops sell out very quickly and are very popular with participants. 

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Arrangement of orange and yellow flowers, copyright Big Sky Flowers