Early 2021

Free online course coming up:

I’m be running a lunchtime session focussed on dried flowers: Growing, harvesting and preserving them. Click here to book. 

Thanks to Westmeath Libraries for sponsoring these FREE events!

It’s all about the flowers now, I’m in the throes of seed sowing, but there are lots of flowers to pick also!

If you’d like to buy my beautiful fragrant and local flowers there are lots of options: you can contact me at 087 2222562 to arrange delivery locally.

Early 2021

You can also buy bunches at Neighbourfood: Neighbourfood Mullingar and Neighbourfood Ballymahon

I drop a few bunches to Nuts & Grains on Thursday or Friday – I’ll post delivery there on my Instagram story. 

Also I’m delighted to have enough extra to supply 2 other floral creators – It’s so cool to see what they create with my blooms. 

Athlone: A Room in Bloom

Dublin 15 and surrounds: Heather and Harebells

Early 2021

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