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No-knead sourdough bread making course. Hands on practice, discussion, recipes. Bring home your own sourdough starter.


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No Knead Sourdough Bread making workshop at Pure Space , Co Clare – 4th May 10:30am -1:30pm

Do you you and your family love sourdough bread, pizza and cinnamon rolls?

It’s difficult to find genuine sourdough bread and when you do it’s expensive!

If you have NO experience and you would like to experiment with seeds, flavour and shapes, then you’ll want to book yourself into this course.

You will learn what’s involved in the sourdough process. Anna will demonstrate the  no-knead technique. This works by  letting time and the natural yeasts do all the work, resulting in incredibly delicious and professional looking bread.

Participants will get a chance to practice the stretch and fold technique.  We will bake a loaf during the session.  You’ll go home with a sourdough “mother”and a clear understanding of how to keep her alive. You’ll mix some dough to bring home also, and you’ll know exactly what to do with that dough to bake it at home.

Everyone will take home a clear instruction booklet with lots of extra recipes that use the same technique to make pizza dough, cinnamon rolls, and lots of variations on the basic loaf.

You will learn what ingredients to use, and what additional equipment you’ll need  – you probably already have most of it in your kitchen. As you would expect with Big Sky Flowers and Pure Space we’ll look at ways to reuse existing equipment and materials, rather than sending you out to spend lots of money.

There will be lots of time to ask questions, and chat to the other participants while we sample the freshly baked bread with some butter and home made jam, fresh out of the oven.  We will finish up the class with pizza cooked in the Pure Space wood fired pizza oven, what a treat!

Sourdough bread tastes great but also has a range of health benefits, so this is a great skill to learn and develop further.

Over the course of the past 15 years, Anna Browne has been perfecting her sourdough making skills. She has developed a very simple no-knead sourdough recipe and technique that yields delicious results every time, and she’s ready to share these skills with you.

Course takes place at Pure Space (formerly known as Pure Camping) V15 F602 on May 4th starting at 10:30am. (That gives you time to catch  Trea’s yoga course and grab a hot beverage before we begin). Accommodation is available on site if you’d like to make a weekend of it on the Loop Head Peninsula (highly recommended!)

Participant feedback:
“An excellent and informative course which provided practical hands on experience and advice for novices”

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